Magnetic Resonance Imaging Services

Our laboratory features a Bruker Biospec Avance 24/30 nuclear magnetic resonance imager that is particularly well-suited for imaging inanimate objects or small animals. Our equipment and staff are available for experiments on selected samples as well as in-depth research and laboratory studies.

We have extensive experience with permeable media, including geological samples, bone, and foodstuffs. With exceptional skills in mathematical modeling and inverse problems, we are well-equipped to undertake a large variety of projects.

Contact Dr. Ted Watson or Benjamin Kohn with inquiries.

Imaging Methods include but are not limited to:

  • Proton Density weighting
  • T1/T2 weighting
  • Diffusion weighting (DWI)
  • T1/T2 mapping
  • Chemical shift imaging (CSI)
  • Volume selective spectroscopy (MRS)

Imaging methods can be modified for contrast

  • Fat Supression
  • Selective inversion recovery
  • Magnetization transfer

IACUC approved, live animal research laboratory

  • Mice and small animals up to 2kg mass

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